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Cat Toys

High quality Cat Toys and Kitten Toys from Casuali. Each cat toy and kitten toy has been selected carefully.

Cat Toys - Bird Rocker Cat Toy

Bird Rocker Cat Toy

One of our most popular action cat toys. This bird rocks on a spring back and forth. Realistic chirping sound provides fun for cats staying home alone.

Cat Toys - Cat Collar Jingle Bells

Cat Collar Jingle Bells

Holiday cat collar. Small sized red jingle bell collar is a great toy for cats. Holiday cat collars come with a hang tag. You will have great fun watching your kitty walk around with this jingle collar.

Cat Toys - Cat Whack Cat Toy

Cat Whack Cat Toy

Action cat toys Cat Whack. Bat-away with Cat Whack. New and very cool, Cat Whack is a weighted rubber ball with a flexible rod topped with a rubber mouse-eared toy.

Cat Toys - Kitten Mitten Cat Toy

Kitten Mitten Cat Toy

Your cat will go crazy for the wiggling pompoms once you slip on the Kitten Mitten. Fun toy for interactive playing.

Cat Toys - Kitty Glow Ball

Kitty Glow Ball

Two-pack of glow in the dark balls cats love. Each ball has 3 strands of soft yarn attached for extra kitty fun. Great for night time play.

Cat Toys - Laser Toy

Laser Toy

From Critter Bug pet toys. This toy will sure drive your cat or kitty crazy. Laser toy is in the shape of a cute bug. Just press a button to project the strong red laser beam. Laser toy works in daylight too. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors. From Critter Bug pet toys.

Cat Toys - Magnetic Poetry Cat Lover Kit

Magnetic Poetry Cat Lover Kit

Perfect Cat Lover Gift. Cat Lover Kit is an instant favorite. Packaged in an attractive box, this feline friendly kit includes words like purr, tabby, hiss, mouse, pounce, yarn, litter and kitty. Cat lovers love this great gift.

Cat Toys - Play-n-Squeak Door Hanger

Play-n-Squeak Door Hanger

Play and Squeak Mouse on an elastic cord. Door hanger enables home alone cats to play with it for hours. Fun and playful for all cats. Play-N-Squeak cat toys bring fun for all cats.

Cat Toys - Play-n-Squeak Mouse

Play-n-Squeak Mouse

Play-N-Squeakâ„¢ looks and sounds like a real mouse. This toy is great for cats who love to stalk their prey! High quality toy creates a realistic mouse like squeak. Play-N-Squeak cat toys bring fun for all cats.

Cat Toys - Shakie Snowman Cat Toy

Shakie Snowman Cat Toy

This little shakie snowman is a favorite cat toy. Pull the nose on this adorable little snowman toy and it shakes to amuse your cat and everybody watching. Toy is mounted on header card.

Cat Toys - Sheepskin Mouse

Sheepskin Mouse

This genuine Sheepskin cat toy is soft and durable. Realistic mouse shape adds extra excitement for kitties of all ages.

Cat Toys - Wooley Bully Cat Toy

Wooley Bully Cat Toy

Wooley Bully cat toy is made of wool with leather ears and tail. Machine washable cat toy is great. Your kitty will love this durable wool mouse. Wool cat toys are durable and fun.

Cat Toys - Zig-n-Zag Ball

Zig-n-Zag Ball

One of our most popular ball cat toys. Crazy Zig-n-Zag ball has weight inside which creates an unpredictable roll. Fun and challenging toy for active cats.


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